Our Story

It all started with a simple question?

What do you expect out of a Basic T-shirt?

After months of research and talking to hundreds of  people from various background’s we figured out that people want T-shirts which fit perfectly, do not lose colour or Shape after wash and also are easy on the pocket & that is how BAROMIN was born.


We travelled to Various factories from Ludhiana to Tirupur India and came to a conclusion that we need to create a Special Cotton Yarn which would suffice all the above criteria and like that we had created our first fabric.

Now we had to make the Perfect T-shirts which people would love and what would be the best way to control the quality of production?

Yes, you are Right!  We got our own Production Unit Based out Bangalore & Chennai, India where we take care of each batch like it is special and tailor-made . Every Baromin T-shirt is Soft, Comfortable and has great Fit.


We Believe in Transparent & Honest Pricing.

Our whole concept revolves around Basic T-shirts which can be worn to office, Parties, Gym or Vacations without eating up half of your salary. We are the Manufacturers and we directly deal with Consumers and hence removing all middle men , wholesalers  and providing you with the best possible pricing for our Basic Essentials.

But are we stopping here ?

Definitely not , Our vision is to Revolutionise the Online Fashion Industry by Providing the best possible Basic Essentials without overcharging  the Consumers.